Custom Built Underground Homes – Pros and Cons

If you would tell someone that you are looking at custom built homes that are underground you would probably get some strange looks. The reason is that many have the misconception that the home would be dark, cool, and smell like dirt but this is not the case. Today these underground homes have more advantages over a traditional home that is above ground. There are four common custom built homes that are constructed to enable you to live underground. The types of homes you could live in depend on their construction method, location, and depth.

• Culvert homes – these are made of concrete pipes that were prefabricated before they are placed into an excavated pit.

• Elevational homes – these are constructed on a side of a hill.

• Artificial cave houses/dugouts-these are built by drilling a cavity into the earth.

• Earth berm homes – these are subterranean structures that are covered by placing earth on them on three sides.

Pros of custom built homes underground

• Provide a safe refuge from extreme weather like high winds, hailstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes

• The earth that surrounds the home give you natural soundproofing and creates a private quiet living space

• Soil is a natural insulator so the homes are cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. They cost between eighty and ninety-five percent less to cool and heat than a traditional home.

• They can have good light conditions with the right planning and construction

• They are environmentally friendly due to the fact that when constructed they do little damage to the surrounding ecology and they can be constructed by using materials that have been recycled

• It exudes a feeling of being close to nature since it is surrounded by earth on all sides

• There is less that can catch fire because more than ninety percent is made of concrete.

• They are well protected from earth quakes.

Cons of custom built homes underground

• There could be a psychological adjustment needed when shifting from a traditional home to a home underground.

• They are unconventional so they require careful planning

• One of the main problems is that they cannot be built in a zone that flood-prone

• They require significant care to keep out moisture during construction and while living there

• These homes are rare so a prospective buyer may shy away from buying them if you try to sell them later. It could also be a challenge when you apply for a mortgage.

• When constructing custom built homes underground it will re quire complex ventilation procedures.