Living the Condominium Way

Executive condominiums are coming up in a fascinating way and there are so many reasons that can drive you to choosing one. There are lots of developers working on multimillion dollar projects so as to make the best of all the opportunities that present themselves.

Essentially, an Executive condominium is a hybrid between a flat and a private property. The units usually come with resale and ownership restrictions such as an income of at most $12,000 as well as an occupation period of some 5 years. Between the 6th and 10th year, the units can be up for sale to PRs without having any family nucleus requirements. This means that they are privatized partially. Once the 10 years are over, then restrictions are usually lifted and the property becomes privatized. The most positive side with such housing modes is the fact that buyers can receive grants which can be really helpful.

In this backdrop, there are new Executive Condominiums being sold today and people usually enjoy discounts of up to 20% as compared to other private properties being sold. The discount is also expected to narrow down as the units start being sold after 5 years MOP. Eventually, they will be priced just like all the private properties after the 10 year period has elapsed.

One of the other things about Executive condominiums is the fact that their location is pre-meditated. They are usually located in close proximity with social amenities and transportation. The expressways are usually quite accessible and MRT stations are close by. This is aimed at adding to the convenience of the residents.

Most areas that have this kind of development are going through some notable transformations every day. With Executive condominiums, there is a wide variety of choices that one can make because of the different units that can be purchased. There are 2, 3, 4 and even 5 bedroom units. The sizes also vary to a very great extent and they are anywhere between 786sqft to 1549sqft. This means that there is a specific type of unit that can house different family sizes and all their needs. The price of the units is quite affordable too.

Some Executive condominiums also use the COSPACE concept. The COSPACE concept Is all encompassing and it covers a lot of aspects that make your life even more convenient. There is:

· COSPACE efficiency which helps in the maximization of space

· COSPACE flexibility which aims at creating space that goes with the kind of flexibility you desire

· COSPACE interactivity where you enjoy space and be in a position to interact

With the COSPACE concept, one is allowed to customize and specify exactly how they desire the house to be. It can be possible to convey the utility and the study rooms to a SOHO or a full size room. If you want to customize everything in the house and design the interiors, there is the possibility of purchasing a unit that is bare. This saves you a lot of cash.