How To Effectively Use, An Open House?

One of the best known, and most often, used, tools, used to attempt to market and sell, a house, is, what we refer to, as an Open House. However, while, when used properly, and to its full capability, this set of events, is valuable, significant, and a meaningful tool, when, one, only goes through the motions, and/ or, uses only some (but not all) of the tools, and advantages, available, it does not achieve, to its potential! It is important to realize, merely holding an Open House, does not guarantee, making a sale, but if the house, is priced, right, from the start; curb – appeal issues have been effectively addressed; staging used, when appropriate; and the real estate agent, provides, interactive, inspiring, motivating directions, desirable results become, far more possible. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some of the keys, to getting the most, out of holding Open Houses.

1. The first Open House: What’s the best way, to get the most, bang – for – the – buck? How might a quality agent, attract the most qualified, potential buyers, to come to this event? Where should you advertise and promote it, and why? What is your budget for marketing and promotion? Begin, by personally, calling all major real estate offices, which regularly service the geographic area. Invite them, personally, and briefly, explain the benefits, and what distinguishes this particular property. It generally makes sense to conduct a Broker’s Open House, a few days before the public one, in order to create some excitement and energy. Prepare hand – outs, to point out the strengths of the property! Recognize the specific niche, of this house, and direct most of your promoting, accordingly. Don’t over – spend, but spend wisely, so you get widespread, effective notice. This includes effectively using print, as well as effective Internet promoting. When qualified buyers arrive, have each one sign in. We recommend using a program (or application), which permits them to sign in, via a Tablet, and automatically generates a quality, professional, follow – up, email. Instead of merely, letting them, stroll around on their own, accompany them, politely, so you might point out some relevant points, and enhance their experience. How often, have you gone to someone’s Open House, and felt somewhat neglected?

2. How many Open Houses?: This generally depends on the geographic area, price – range, etc. The first weekend, in most cases, you should hold an Open House, on both, Saturday and Sunday. The next two weekends, hold them on Sunday, only, and have additional showings, by appointments, etc.

3. Advantages and disadvantages: Open Houses are a tool, but not a panacea! Therefore, use them accordingly, as one tool, in your overall, marketing, promotion, and sales – bag! Openly, honestly, effectively, answer questions and address concerns. Always, respond, to every request, etc, in a timely, professional manner!

A professionally, administered, Open House, must include: effective marketing and promotion; showing the house, to its best capabilities; extraordinary focus, attention, and empathy (effective listening and learning); hand – holding; and great follow – up! Will you hire an agent, which will provide the best service and focus?